Nutrients & Additives

Dyna-Gro nutrients are a simple to use fertilizer system perfect for those looking to keep it simple. 

Veg + Bloom is a one-part powdered nutrient. The formula provides a simple, easy and complete solution for growing abundant, aromatic, and lush plants.

FoxFarm fertilizers offer a complete feeding program for your plants to thrive. Combining natural and synthetic ingredients it contains all the nutrients your plants will need. Try it with their signature soils!

Nectar For The Gods is a premium natural nutrient system. Providing all that your plants need in natural and organic fashion promoting healthy and clean plants.

House & Garden Nutrients is a premium fertilizer line with components for soil, coco, and hydroponics. This line is for growers looking to get the most out of their plants. 

Plant Success are the makers of premium liquid and granular mycorrhizae for  hydroponic and soil applications. 

Cutting Edge Solutions is formulated with the cleanest, highest quality mineral based fertilizer available. Mixed in small batches to ensure quality, makes it perfect for novice and expert growers looking to get the most out of their plants.  

General hydroponics is one of the original hydroponic fertilizer companies. Their 3-part nutrient system has been successfully used from the home grower to commercial greenhouses. 

The Pure blend Pro series is a hybrid fertilizer combining organic and synthetic inputs to boost your crop. 

Roots Organics nutrients is a CDFA registered organic nutrient line providing everything your plant needs for a complete organic grow. 

Advanced Nutrients is a premium line of nutrients. Offering a wide variety of options there is something for every level of gardener.  

Makers of RAW nutrients. This line allows you to mix your own blends or use their grow and bloom mix for the perfect blend. 



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