Pots & Containers

Fabric Pots:Available in 1 gallon to 100+ gallon sizes. These pots allow for more aeration and promote healthy air pruning of roots 

Black Buckets: Available in 5 gallons and 3.5 gallons. These buckets are made from food grade plastic and are thicker to prevent light penetration. Perfect for DWC.

Thermo/Premium Pots: Available in 1 gallon to 10 gallon. These classic plastic nursery pots are a cheap and easy solution. 

EZ-Store Buckets: Available in 8 and 13-gallon sizes, these bucket are perfect for liquid or dry storage.

Square White Pots: Designed for flood and drain hydroponics these pots have higher drainage holes. They work great for soil and coco too. 

Premium Saucers: Perfect for catching all the runoff from your pots. Available in 6" to 16".

Air-pots: Designed for maximum aeration of the root-zone allowing for the healthy root system possible.  



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"This is hands down the friendliest, most knowledgeable shop you can find. Passionate owner, who will give you great advice on how to grow amazing and healthy veggies. Great vibe! You won't be disappointed for sure."
​-Tatyana V. ~Yelp

"I went here to get seed starting mix to start my veggies. Great selection and very reasonably priced for a hydro store. The grow set up displays around the store were impressive and the owner is very knowledgeable about indoor growing. There is also a big cuddly dog that walks around the place as well. Overall, great place, really professional, and I would definitively come back again!"
-Nico P. ~Yelp

"I found the layout of the shop easy to navigate and the assistance by the staff to be topnotch. When you have questions they answer them and when you don't they leave you alone - ideal. "
-Delta Nine ~ Google+